Throwback Thursday – 1947 and 1964

Throwback Thursday


There are two reunions scheduled for this coming weekend: 1947 and 1964

So, in honor of these milestone events:


Here is a photo from the 1947 Chevron – 67 years ago!


1947_Throwback Thursday

In keeping with the “classroom” theme,

Here is a photo from the 1964 Chevron – 50 years ago!


1964_Throwback Thursday


Also found in the 1964 Chevron

A bit of nostalgia and a major historical event that occurred during the 1963- 1964 school year!



Downtown Albion – 1964


The class of 1964 dedicated their Chevron to President Kennedy, who was assassinated 11-22-63


Posted by Kim Wright Pritt

Photo from 1947 and 1964 Albion HS Chevrons