Follow Up – Dottie Fisher Washburn



Just how far can a blog post travel? Well, it seems that it can travel pretty far, indeed! We received the following email message from Dottie Fisher Washburn about the “Where Are They Now?” post she was featured in on July 28th. It is good to know that our blog is getting read near and far……and that it touches so many people!


Keep reading and sharing our posts!


“I wanted you to know how far your blog about me has travelled.

I forwarded it to my daughter who lives in N.J. She recognized that I was standing next to Robert Kelly in two of the photos. My daughter is a college friend of Martha Nace who lives in Annapolis, Md. Martha’s Mother was Lovina Kelly class of 1943.  Robert was her uncle.  Martha forwarded the blog to her cousins ( Robert’s children) who live back East. Martha ‘s aunt, Louise Kelly Lee, now 90yrs. old lives in Colorado springs.  She probably went to Albion HS , too. Martha is sending her the blog .

You have touched the hearts of many people.

Thank, you.

Dottie Fisher Washburn”