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Throwback Thursday The class of 1977 are having a reunion this weekend Here are some photos from the 1977 Chevron – 37 years ago! Good luck on your reunion!!!   1977 Senior Class…

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Throwback Thursday From the 1967 Chevron – 47 years ago!   This photo caught my eye as I was flipping through Chevrons for this week’s Throwback Thursday post! (l-r) John…

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  Throwback Thursday The class of 1976 celebrated “Early Graduates” in their Chevron Here is a photo from the 1976 Chevron – 38 years ago!       Posted by Kim Wright Pritt…

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Throwback Thursday   There are two reunions scheduled for this coming weekend: 1947 and 1964 So, in honor of these milestone events:   Here is a photo from the 1947 Chevron – 67…

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Throwback Thursday Future Farmers of America In honor of last week’s Orleans County Fair Here are photos from the Various Chevrons representing the FFA   From the 1930 Chevron I found this interesting –…

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