Throwback Thursday – 1959 Teacher’s Perspective

Throwback Thursday


The Teacher’s Perspective¬†

Each year, the Chevron includes photos of all the wonderful teachers that mold our young minds and prepare us for our futures. As I was skimming through the on-line year books to find a topic for this week’s Throwback Thursday, the presentation of teachers in the 1959 Chevron caught my eye. They didn’t just show a photo with a name and the subject they taught —- no, in 1959, they chose to show each teacher in action and include a quote from them describing why they thought their subject was important and how it contributes to the education of our students. I enjoyed reading their words and perspective and thought you might, too!






The Albion High School Alumni Foundation thanks all teachers – past, present, and future – for your contributions and guidance in our lives!

Posted by Kim Wright Pritt

Photos from 1959 Albion HS Chevron