Throwback Thursday – The Humans

Throwback Thursday


Do you remember The Humans? They were a local band that made it big in the mid-60s! Members included AHS alumni Dick Doolan – class of 1965, Bill Kuhns – class of 1966, Danny Long – class of 1965, Gar Trusselle – class of 1964, and Jack Dumrese – class of 1966, and Marty Busch from Medina.

The Humans were formed as a group in the summer of 1964 and were playing music together until around the end of 1966 after Danny died in a car accident and some of the other members began to get drafted into the service. They toured all over the northeast and even had performances in other parts of the country. They recorded a 45 record with songs written by Bill Kuhns – “Take a Taxi” on the A side and “Warning” on the B side – YouTube videos of both songs are posted below. They also opened a teen dance club in the old Realto Theater building called “Happiness is…” – unfortunately, lack of patrons forced them to close the club. More information and an interview with Gar Trusselle can be found on this website – click here.


Standing (l-r): Marty Busch, Dick Doolan, Bill Kuhns, Danny Long, Gar Trusselle

Seated: Jack Dumrese

Humans Partay Lounge

Humans Article_2


Humans Article_4

Humans Article_1

Humans Article_3

Humans Take a Taxi