Please Read: Message From Alec Sherman


The Shermans are progressing on their project, but still need concert band recordings from the years 1966, 1970, and 1971! If you can help them out, please either scroll down to the bottom of our web page and send a message to Chris OR email Alec Sherman directly at!

Thank you!


Hello fellow Alum from Alec Sherman (class of ’68), Jeannie Sherman Greenwood (class of ’71), and Susannah Sherman Quenelle (class of ’73):

We are currently involved in a project to recapture the era of Albion Concert Bands during the Moses Sherman tenure. We are looking to digitize from record, concerts that were recorded, especially from about 1963/64 – 1974. We have recovered 1964-1969 and 1973, 1974 and they are being digitized. We are looking for records/recordings from 1970-1972, if they were made. We would like to package them to make them available for the Albion community as a fundraiser for the Sherman Awards which are given away each year at Class Night.

We’re very excited about his project! I’ve heard a couple of the digitized CDs and they are very good!

If you have information, contact the Alumni Foundation by scrolling to the bottom of the page on this web site and fill out the contact form – tag Chris Haines. You could also email us at

Thanks for your help!

Alec, 1968