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Welcome to the new Albion High School Alumni Foundation Blog. This blog was started as a vehicle to increase visibility of the Foundation and share stories, photos, and information about the activities, events, and accomplishments of the Foundation and our alumni, students, and friends. We hope it will help us get the word out about us and give you – our members, community, and friends – a fun destination where you can go for all the good news we are generating.

We plan to use this blog to publicize current stories, photos, news updates, and events. Visit our “About Us” page to read all about us. Click the “Follow Me” button to receive email updates when new posts are added to the site. Feel free to leave comments — in fact, we’d LOVE to hear from you! We even have a “How To…” page for those of you who have not previously visited a blog like this and need help understanding how to leave a comment, search for specific info, or other navigational tasks – leave a comment if you have a specific question you’d like answered on the “How To…” page – you may not be the only one who needs help with it!

We hope this blog will provide you with valuable information. If you have a suggestion for an article or know of an alumni that might make for an interesting focus piece, please leave a comment. This blog will continue to develop as we find new and exciting ways to bring you the information you want to read about!

For now, sit back, enjoy, and save the web address to your favorites so you can visit us often!

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Posted by Kim Wright Pritt