Take Five – Board Member: Angela (Bevilacqua) Atwell

This is the fifth in our new series of “Take 5″ interviews designed to introduce you to the members of the Board of Directors of the Albion HS Alumni Foundation. We will highlight one board member at a time until we have introduced you to all of our members. This post will highlight Angela (Bevilacqua) Atwell.


Today we “Take 5″ with Angela (Bevilacqua) Atwell

AHS Alumni Foundation Board Member




Angela (Bevilacqua) Atwell graduated from Albion High School with the Class of 2000. After high school, she attended and graduated from SUNY Brockport with a Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Health Education and later earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Florida State University. She lives in Albion with her husband (high school sweetheart, Jacob) and their young son, Samuel. Angela has held various leadership positions in a variety of educational venues and is currently a statewide administrator for an early childhood education agency.


And, now for our interview:

1.     When did you join the board of directors and what is your role?

It has been my privilege to serve as an Albion High School Alumni Foundation Board Member for 4 years and as the Scholarship Committee Co-Chair for 2 years.

2.     What sparked your interest in being a part of this board and what do you like most about what the Foundation does and your involvement in it?

I’m proud to be a part of the Albion High School Alumni Foundation because it is an organization focused on helping students from the Albion community follow their dreams and reach their full potential.  As the co-chair of the Scholarship Committee, each spring I have the opportunity to read scholarship applications and I am amazed at all the great things our graduating seniors have done throughout their time in high school.  Our graduates are equipped with such a variety of knowledge, skills and experiences.  The Alumni Foundation works to ensure that students can take what they learn here in this small community out into the larger world and find success.

Last year the Alumni Foundation awarded over $25,000 in scholarships.  The number of awards and the amounts of each are expected to continue to grow.  It is so exciting to be a part of a community that values the education of our young people and continues to invest in them.

3.     Tell us about your experience at Albion HS and how your experiences influenced you either in school or in your life after school.

I loved everything about attending high school in Albion.  The academics propelled me along the path to becoming an educator myself.  The extracurricular opportunities helped to hone my leadership skills and definitely influenced the person I am today. As a senior, I was able to take college credits that easily transferred over to my university.  Having these general education courses completed, I was able to explore the areas that really interested me in college and ultimately allowed me to graduate on time with 3 undergraduate degrees.

I remember being involved in everything in high school.  Through sports teams, student government and club memberships, I learned the important life skills of cooperation, teamwork and time management and that hard work and dedication go a long way.

In high school, I also learned a lot about relationships.  I made friendships that have withstood the test of time and distance.  The teachers that impacted me continue to inspire me today.  I am so glad to be able to give back to the educational community that gave so much to me.

4.     What motivated you to go into the career you chose and what led you to your higher education choices?

I knew I wanted to be a teacher, but teaching positions were hard to come by in 2004.  I was lucky enough to secure a Health Educator position at Lakewood Ranch High School in Bradenton Florida.  I was sure I would spend the rest of my career in a school, but fate had other plans for me. My career has taken me down an unexpected path, but I really wouldn’t change anything about it. I have held various leadership positions in a variety of educational venues.  Along the way I earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Florida State University.  Currently, I am a statewide administrator for an early childhood education agency.

5.     What advice / words of wisdom do you have for our current students and recent graduates?

My advice to a graduating senior, or really anyone, is to be open-minded and take chances.  There are so many opportunities out there in the world today. My career path may be considered non-traditional, but I have taken something valuable from each position.  Each and every experience has led to my development as a professional.

Watch in the coming weeks for more from our board members.

Posted by Kim Wright Pritt