Sherman Scholarships Update

UPDATE:  Alec let me know that the recordings described below are now done and anyone wanting copies may contact him at the email address noted below! 

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New Message From Alec Sherman:

The new Sherman Awards to honor the legacies of Moses and Margaret Sherman are now part of the Albion High School Alumni Foundation’s Scholarship Program and will be administered by the Albion HS Alumni Foundation. You may contribute directly to support these awards on the AHSAF web site by clicking the “DONATE” button or by sending your check to the Foundation at Albion High School Alumni Foundation, Inc., PO Box 345, Albion, NY 14411 – be sure to indicate that you want the donation to go to the Sherman Awards Fund.

There will also be CDs of recordings of old AHS concert band performances for sale at a cost of $35 per CD – proceeds will benefit the Sherman Awards Fund. The years that have been remastered for these CDs are:

  • 1964 – Concert of Champions, including The Albion Grenadiers, The Irondequoit Crusaders, Holley Hawks, and The Albion Purple Eagles Marching Band
  • 1964 – Spring Concert
  • 1965 – Spring Concert
  • 1967 – Spring Concert
  • 1968 – Spring Concert
  • 1969 – Spring Concert
  • 1973 – Concerts
  • 1974 – Concerts

For more information about the CDs, please contact Alec Sherman at