The Wayne A. Burlison Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship, established in 2014 by Wayne’s wife and son, is supported by Albion School employees, various musical groups that Wayne was involved in, the Albion Running Club, and family and friends. This is in honor of the memory and legacy of Wayne A. Burlison, a beloved music educator in the Albion School Community. The recipient of this award should be one that reflects the values and behaviors as modeled by Mr. Burlison. With a strong passion for music and the fine arts, he was also a person of integrity and perseverance, believing that all can achieve in ways they hope to grow. He sought to find ways to help others learn, especially when facing adversity. Mr. Burlison loved both the school and his community, showed compassion towards others, and was dedicated and committed to his family. Mr. Burlison was often quoted as having said “Everything we do is a choice, including how we react to the situations around us. What choice will you make?” as well as “ ‘Can’t’ isn’t a word, try again.”
We award one scholarship at $500.

Selection Criteria: Primary consideration will be given to students that are active in the fine arts or music in high school, and show good academic standing and/or growth. Applicants do not necessarily need to pursue a college degree in music or fine arts, but must state how they will continue to be active in music or fine arts as they attend college.

Who Selects: The family (Lisa and Adam), in coordination with Alumni scholarship team

Criteria to Earn: None-payable at Class Night

First awarded in 2015.

Funding: Fully funded.