The Sherman Awards

These awards have been established by the Sherman family to honor the legacies of Moses and Margaret Sherman and their years of service in many different ways to the Albion Community. The $500 Margaret Sherman Humanities Award is presented to a graduating student whose unique sense of humor aids him or her in church and community service involvement and who has shown proficiency in the humanities, especially Social Studies. The $500 Moses Sherman Music Award was established to commemorate the 25 years of service to the community, church, and school in the field of music by Moses H. Sherman. It is presented to a student who exemplifies the character, dedication, and spirit that this man displayed. We award two scholarships at $500 each.

Selection Criteria: See description above.

Who Selects: The Margaret Sherman Award is selected by the family from applications recommended by the Foundation’s selection committee. The Moses Sherman Award is selected by the High School Music Department.

Criteria to Earn: None. These are payable at Class Night.

First awarded in 2018.

Funding: Funded annually. Fundraising in progress to fully fund.