The Robert P. Van Deusen Memorial Scholarship

The Albion Primary School staff, friends, and associates first established this scholarship in June 1983 to to honor Primary School Principal Bob Van Deusen, who served in that role for 23 years, mentoring both the students and teachers in his care. Its value was enhanced in his memory with additional funding from family and friends in 2016. The award of $1,500 goes to a senior who will pursue post-high school education, and who has shown an interest in working with young children; one who has been active in the Scouting program; and whose career goals will deal in a human services field, including teaching or nursing. This scholarship is administered by the Albion High School Alumni Foundation.

We award one $1,500 scholarship.

Selection Criteria:  Equal weighting of academics, activities, essay, and career goals. Student with career goals in a human services field, including teaching or nursing.

Who Selects: Selection committee

Criteria to Earn: Successful completion of one year at an accredited two- or four-year college or university (24 credit hours with a 3/0 GPA or higher).

First awarded in 2017.

Funding: Fully funded.