The Ralph and Pearl Poelma Good Neighbor/Community Service Award

“Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well.” That was Ralph Poelma’s quote in the 1934 Albion High School Yearbook. And that’s the spirit with which Ralph and Pearl Poelma lived their lives. Whether it was working hard on their diversified farm into their late eighties, or being actively involved in their church, the Albion Lions Club, Red Cross blood drives, or many other community service opportunities, Ralph and Pearl Poelma were exemplary role models for a positive work ethic, integrity of character, active community involvement, and a genuine concern for others. This scholarship was established in their memory by their family and is administered through the Foundation. It is presented to a senior who has demonstrated in his or her high school years the same important values the Poelmas exhibited in their lives.

We award two scholarships at $1,000 each. 

Selection Criteria: Emphasis on positive work ethic, integrity of character, active community (school, church, Scouting, 4-H, etc.) involvement, and concern for others.

Who Selects: The family will select from three applicants recommended by the Alumni selection committee.

Criteria to Earn: None. Payable at Class Night.

First awarded in 2017.

Funding: $500 fully funded, with supplemental funding each year.