The Nancy Elaine LaGamba Scholarship

Nancy was a school teacher in the public school system and lived in the Albion area for over 30 years. Nancy devoted her life to helping all children meet and exceed their educational goals. Nancy was a proud American, and she relished any opportunity to express her love for her country. This scholarship has been created in honor of Nancy’s life by her husband, Ron. It is awarded to a deserving Albion High School student who has demonstrated commitment to Albion High, church and community, and self-improvement over the student’s high school career. We award one scholarship at $1,000.

Selection Criteria: Candidates must have made substantial contributions to the local school, church and community during their high school career. Improvement of grades will be given additional consideration.  A minimum overall B average or the equivalent.

Who Selects: Mr. LaGamba selects from a few hand-picked applications

Criteria to Earn: Successful completion of one year of college (24 credit hours with a 3.0 GPA or higher)

First awarded in 2012.

Funding: Fully funded.