Scott H. Ward Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship has been set up for a very loved friend and family member, Scott H. Ward. Scott was a quiet leader who had a positive impact on all those who knew him. His great sense of humor, humility, and good nature is why so many of us that knew him, respected him and appreciated him. Scott was extremely dedicated and connected to the Albion community which impacted the lives of many Albion students over the years. In efforts to honor Scott and his life, a scholarship has been set up in his name which will be awarded to an Albion High School graduating senior each year who is planning to continue their education beyond high school and has consistently modeled the qualities we saw in Scott. This scholarship is administered by the Albion High School Alumni Foundation, Inc.

We award one scholarship at $1000

Selection Criteria: Any continuing education beyond high school. Leadership, humility, sense of humor and good nature are desired characteristics.

Who Selects: Selection committee

Criteria to Earn: None-payable at Class Night

First awarded in 2019.

Funding: Funding in progress