Panek Family Farm Agriculture Scholarship

This scholarship has been established by the Panek Family Farm through the Albion High School Alumni Foundation. The scholarship assists students pursuing agriculture degrees or entering the agriculture industry. The Panek family started farming in 1982 and have been active members of the agriculture community ever since. They have watched their children benefit from the Albion Agriculture Program over the years. The Panek family strongly believes in the Albion Agriculture Program and in supporting young people in their pursuit of agricultural careers.
We award one scholarship at $4,325.

Selection Criteria: Students eligible for this scholarship must have been active members of the Albion FFA Chapter and must have taken part in Agriculture Education.

Who Selects: Special committee including representatives of the AHS Agriculture Program and Panek Family Members

Criteria to Earn: Completion of one year of college (24 credit hours with a 3.0 GPA or higher). For those entering agriculture directly, payment will follow a review of career progress after 6 months.

First awarded in 2014.

Funding: Fully funded.