The Hoag Engineering Scholarships

Two four-year scholarships have been established by Courtenay and Maurice (class of 1961) Hoag to provide financial assistance to students pursuing degrees in Engineering. One scholarship is specifically for a student studying Chemical Engineering, while the other is for any engineering field. An annual award of $2,500 will be presented to the recipients upon the successful completion of each year of college. These scholarships are administered by the Albion High School Alumni Foundation.

We award two scholarships at $10,000 payable over four years.

Selection Criteria: Academic achievement in science and math courses, recommendations from science and/or math teachers, and consideration of financial need.

Who Selects: Selection committee

Criteria to Earn: Paid at $2,500 per year upon successful completion of each year of college (24 credit hours with a 3.0 GPA or higher). Must continue in an engineering or closely related major.

First awarded in 2013.

Funding: Fully funded by Courtenay and Maurice Hoag