Dr. David & Anita Long Agricultural Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the Long and Pritchard families to honor the late David Long.  Mr. Long, who graduated with the class of 1961, had a distinguished career in promoting the field of agriculture.  The scholarship is awarded to an active member of the FFA who is pursuing higher education in agriculture or a related field. This scholarship is administered by the Albion High School Alumni Foundation.

We award one scholarship at $3,000.

Selection Criteria:  The recipient must be an active member of the FFA. He or she should be pursuing a degree in agriculture. A degree in a major such as business or communications is appropriate if the student’s ultimate goal is a career in an agriculture-related field. Other criteria include: personal character (integrity, responsibility, hard worker/over achiever, commitment/follow through), record of academic achievement (GPA, class rank, National Honor Society), leadership (captaincies of sports teams, officer of club activity, student council, class officer, etc.), outside activities/accomplishments (Eagle Scout, community or church volunteerism, etc.), and record of consistent self-improvement.

Who Selects: Selection committee

Criteria to Earn: Successful completion of one year of college (24 credit hours with a 3.0 GPA or higher)

First awarded: 2016.

Funding: Fully funded with an initial $50,000 contribution and $10,000 in additional contributions. Additional funding to increase the amount of the scholarship may be provided at a later date.