Jared M. Fearby Scholarship

Scholarship Name:  The Jared M. Fearby Scholarship

Amount: $1250

First Awarded: 2020

Description:  The Jared M. Fearby Scholarship began in loving memory of our son, brother, classmate and loyal friend.

Jared was an easy-going and reserved young man who was most at home among nature. He was
curious about the world around him and pursued interests that allowed him to spend much of his time
in the great outdoors. He was an avid sports fan. He played baseball and golf at Albion and never
missed a chance to cheer on his favorite team, The Buffalo Bills.

This scholarship is awarded to an Albion graduate pursuing a degree and career in environmental
science and conservation. Degrees will be considered if the graduate’s intent is to study and work in a
field that would protect and preserve: wildlife; our rivers, streams and oceans; our forests and natural
habits; the world’s many living creatures. In short, pursue the interests and dreams that Jared worked
diligently and passionately for during his time with us on this earth.

This scholarship is administered by the Albion High School Alumni Foundation, Inc.

Selection criteria:  

  • Financial need.
  • Character. This scholarship will be awarded to a student who demonstrates loyalty, persistence and grit.
  • An Albion graduate pursuing a degree in environmental science and conservation.

Who selects: The family

Criteria to earn: Awarded at class night; paid out after the completion of one year of college (24+ credit hours.)

Funded: Funding in progress