Gil and Christine Pritchard Vocational Scholarship

Scholarship Name: Gil and Christine Pritchard Vocational Scholarship

Description: A two (2) year scholarship to a Community College or other Vocational school that offers an AAS or AS in a qualifying discipline. The intention is to help recipients to obtain monetizable trade skills that both serve the community and offer a meaningful career in the vocation of the recipient’s choosing

Selection criteria:
1. Students can either apply or be nominated by ACS, BOCES, parents, or other students

2. Applicant must be a Senior in good standing and on track to graduate with their ACS class

3. Interview and selection process to be coordinated and overseen by the Alumni Foundation. A
minimum of 2 interviews per candidate is required. Final selection will be determined based on the recommendations of the Interview Team.

4. Candidate attributes:

  • Integrity, commitment, persistence
  • Attendance (school, BOCES, other)
  • Academic record (relative to perceived ability)
  • Interviewers’ perceptions that the candidate can/will successfully complete the course requirements for an AAS or AA within the 2- year time frame

Who Selects: Alumni Foundation will select the winner based on recommendations of the Interview/Selection Committee. Gil and Christine will give final approval of candidate and field of study

Criteria to earn: First installment of $1,500 paid on class night. The remaining 3 installments paid following successful completion of the previous semester.

Amount:  $ 6,000 total distributed over four semesters

First Awarded: 2021