Brennan Michael Carlyle Moody Memorial Scholarship


Description: This scholarship was established in remembrance of Brennan Michael Carlyle Moody
and honors the music and kindness that always filled his heart. From a very early age, Brennan had a deep
love and appreciation for music and gifted us throughout his life in beautiful song. Music consumed his whole world and this effortless talent humbly shined for all to enjoy, but it was his kindness towards others that touched so many. His gentle compassion and musical spark truly defined what an amazing young man he was. This scholarship is to be given to individuals who exemplify this same love of music and genuine kindness to everyone they encounter.

Selection criteria: Involvement in band and chorus.  Pursuing higher education

Who Selects: Family with the help of AHS Music Department

Criteria to earn: None- payable at class night

Funding: Funded annually

Additional Notes: Committee should converse with the AHS Music Department and select two winners.
One involved with the band program, and one with chorus.

Amount: (2) – $500 prizes

First Awarded: 2020