Alumni At Homecoming

Friday, September 22nd was the 2017 Annual Homecoming Game. Our amazing Purple Eagles took home-field advantage to shine victoriously over visiting Roy-Hart/Barker with a final score of 58-6!!! And, the Albion crowd rejoiced!

The Albion HS Alumni Foundation opened our usual booth selling popcorn, horns, cowbells, pompoms, and other trinkets…..most of which we completely sold out of! We love greeting all the game fans – especially the alumni who stop by to say “Hi” and register for the drawings. It was great to see everyone!

Here are just a few of the photos taken during the game.

PLEASE NOTE: It got really busy and a little confusing when I was taking photos…..if I tagged any photo incorrectly, please email me at and I will be happy to correct the posting. And…..if you’d like a copy of the photo I took of you, you may also email me with your request and I’ll be glad to send it to you!

Some of the Many AHS Alumni that stopped by to see us:

Ron Albertson – Class of 1977

Gary Allen – Class of 1968 and his wife, Eileen, who attended ACS until her Sophomore year.

Roger Gibson – Class of 1965 and David Nayman – Class of 1955

Jen (Visa) Knight – Class of 1996 and her daughter, Maleah

Laurie (Thompson) Cole – Class of 1977 and Diane Scharping – Class of 1972

Ann (Germeo) Tower – Class of 1972 and her grandson, Boe Preston

Kevin Dick – Class of 2006, John Dick – Class of 1979, and Sue (Zicari) Dick – Class of 1978

June (Hughson) Persia – Class of 1972

Katie McGaffick – Class of 2005

Jeremiah Knight – Class of 2000

Jason Snook – Class of 1997 and Wesley Bedford – Class of 2001

Tammy (Talbot) Yaskulski – Class of 1994 and her hubby, Mike

Kevin Lemcke – Class of 1988

Cathy (Bencal) Schmitt – Class of 1992

Becky Karls – Class of 1992

Jenn (Ebbs) Gonzalez – Class of 1998

Gary Derwick – Class of 1963 and his wife

Reid Cole – Class of 1977

Jaime (Smith) Beach – Class of 1995

Inside the Alumni Booth: Jonathan Doherty – Class of 2003, Marissa (Minier) Olles – Class of 2000, and Pat Olles – Class of 2000

Adam Fisher with Jonathan Doherty – Classmates from the Class of 2003

Ace Ashton – Class of 1994

Sandy Church – Class of 1976

Nancy (Bloom) Muoio – Class of 1975


The Lucky Winners of the AHS Alumni Foundation Drawings:

Richard Brakenbury – Class of 1955 – chose an Alumni Shirt! Congrats, Richard!

Gary Allen – Class of 1968 – chose an Alumni Blanket! Congrats, Gary!


AHS Alumni Foundation Booth:

Jonathan Doherty – Class of 2003, Marissa (Minier) Olles, Foundation Secretary – Class of 2000, and Doug Miller

Ed Fancher, Foundation Treasurer – Class of 1983 – busy making popcorn!

Jonathan Doherty – Class of 2003 and Marissa (Minier) Olles – Class of 2000

Alumni and Fans looking for popcorn, noise makers, and trinkets!

Pat Olles – Class of 2000 – selling the last of the horns to some anxious Purple Eagle fans!

Jean (Forder) Shervin – Class of 1952 and Ed Fancher – Class of 1983 worked hard to keep the popcorn flowing!


GAME PHOTOS…..after all, that’s why we all gathered at the field for Homecoming, right?

Of course, our amazing mascot – the Eagle – was there!

The Eagle leading a parade of young fans

Can’t have a game without cheerleaders and balloons!!!

It was a beautiful, warm evening and we were blessed with a gorgeous sunset!!!


Packing up and heading home……it was a fantastic Homecoming…….looking forward to next year, already!

Congratulations to our amazing Purple Eagles on the win! Thank you to all who stopped by to see us! We had a BLAST!!!