ACS Students Become the Teachers!

A small group of students from the Albion Central School Community As Schools program, which is housed at the Villages of Orleans, put together an alphabet book in their Multi-Cultural class. They wanted to share it with an Elementary School classroom. They chose Mrs. Fournier’s class to share the book with.  The book contains information on the Hispanic culture.  Each student worked hard to produce an accurate representation of the heritage and culture and present it in a way that younger students could understand.  Once the book was complete, the students took the book to Mrs. Fournier’s class to give to the children.

The high school students enjoyed working with the younger students and hope that Mrs. Fournier’s class will find the book both educational and fun.  CAS teacher Mr. Meakin said, “I am proud of the students and appreciate the amount of time and effort that went into producing the book.  We hope that this project will impact the students in a positive way.”