Gwenyth Hughson Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Name: 

Gwenyth Hughson Memorial Scholarship

Description:  This scholarship should be awarded to a community minded individual who is pursuing a degree in education.  The recipient should display high moral character, open heart for all people, and be involved in the community outside of school through church or other organizations that contribute to society in a positive way.

Selection criteria:

  • Pursuing a degree in education
  • Be community minded/volunteer
  • Accepting of all people

Who Selects: The Albion Alumni Foundation 

Criteria to earn:  This scholarship should be awarded at Class Night

 Funding:  Funded fully through 1 endowment payment.

Additional Notes:  This scholarship is provided by the Hughson/Pritchard Families

Amount: $300

First Awarded: June 2022

Contact:  Brad Pritchard