2014 Ghost Walk

Students from AHS presented the 6th annual Mount Albion Ghost Walk on Saturday, September 27th. They did an amazing job! (Click here to read a previous post about the history of the Ghost Walk)

This year, there were 66 students involved in the Ghost Walk and they took us around the Soldiers and Sailors Monument Tour area for a trip back through history by bringing some of our more colorful ancestors to life. Here are some photos:

Alumni Booth

Alumni volunteers, Laura Marek and Jonathan Doherty offer Foundation info and the chance to browse old Chevrons

Alumni Booth_Chevrons

Old Chevrons were a hit while people waited for their tour


One of several guides – Sarah Graham

Each guide performed the important job of keeping each tour group together and on schedule, as well as provide interesting bits of information along the way

01_Rufus Bullock_Kyle Thaine

Kyle Thaine brought us Augusta, GA Governor Rufus Bullock (1834-1907)

02_Elizabeth Harriet Denio_Cheya Rain Eagle

Cheya Rain Eagle channeled Elizabeth Harriet Denio (1842-1922)

Daughter of John H. and Celinda Denio – she was a Doctor of Philosophy and enjoyed wearing mens pants and smoking the occasional cigar

03_Judge Noah Davis_Zach Shaffer_3

Zach Shaffer was Judge Noah Davis (1818-1902) – Congressman and US District Attorney

04_David Hardie_Elijah VanEpps_5

Elijah VanEpps brought us David Hardie (1821-1896)

Born in Scotland, he was the first man to raise a volunteer company from Orleans County to fight in the Civil War

05_Polly Ingersoll_Gabi Struble_2

Gabi Struble portrayed Polly Ingersoll (wife of Nehemiah – 1788-1868)

06_Starr Chester_William Pecorella_2

William Pecorella conjured up the ghost of Starr Chester (1813-1879), a shoe maker in Gaines, NY

07_Dr. Elizabeth Vaile_Maddison Flor

Madison Flor portrayed Dr. Elizabeth Vaile (1832-1873)

Elizabeth practiced medicine for about 10 years in the Albion area during the Civil War and often visited soldiers in the field

08_Emily Pullman_Vivian Rivers_2

Vivian Rivers appeared as Emily Pullman (1808-1892)

09_Laura GoodrichWard_Shannan Broda_4

Shannon Broda brought us Laura Goodrich Ward – wife of Judge Alexis Ward (1802-1854)

Laura’s husband, Alexis was an Orleans County Judge from 1830-1840 and was instrumental in coordinating the Rochester-Lockport-Niagara Falls Railroad

10_Hiram Curtis_Elijah Martin

Elijah Martin portrayed Hiram Curtis (1804-1871) – a successful businessman and foundry owner

11_Jennie Curtis_Riley Seielstad_2

Riley Seielstad channeled the ghost of Jennie Curtis (1837-1921) – daughter of Hiram Curtis

Jennie was a spirited young woman who was considered to be the first female prisoner of the Civil War – thought to be a Yankee Spy, charges that were eventually dropped

12_Caroline Phipps Achilles_Emma Wadhams_3

Emma Wadhams appeared as Caroline Phipps Achilles (1812-1881)

Caroline began teaching in a log school at Gaines Basin at the age of 14 – after teaching for several years, she built and ran the Phipps Union Female Seminary – open to girls from all over NY State, located where the current County Clerk’s Office now stands

13_Judge Arad Thomas_Evan Steier_4

Evan Steier brought us Judge Arad Thomas (1807-1889)

Arad was Albion’s Justice of the Peace for 8 years, was elected Orleans County Judge, formed the Orleans County Pioneer and Historical Association, and wrote the book “Pioneer History of Orleans County” 

Table Grave Marker_2

Our guide, Sarah Graham, provided several bits of information about Mt. Albion Cemetery along our tour – including this story of a lady who laid out her tombstone like a table covering her grave so that no one could walk across it…..a practice that was more prevalent in the south, than here in the north

In addition to the ghosts, there were several stops along the tour to enjoy musical entertainment by various students:

Picnic in the Cemetery

These young ladies represented a typical Sunday picnic in the cemetery’s park-like setting – they also got up to entertain us with a song and dance, as families typically did during their picnics


Some girls singing on the next tier down from the tour group

Singers at Tower_3

A group singing at the entrance to the Soldiers and Sailors Monument Tower


The Mount Albion Ghost Walk Organizers / Advisors

(l-r): Mike Thaine, Sue Starkweather Miller, Gary Simboli

Posted by Kim Wright Pritt

Photos courtesy of Kim Wright Pritt and Sue Starkweather Miller